Was Nadia Buari’s ‘Deranged’ Movie Premier Really A Success?

Nadia Buari and Priscilla Opoku aka Ahuofe Patri at the premier of Deranged movie
Nadia Buari and Priscilla Opoku aka Ahuofe Patri at the premier of Deranged movie

The much talked about movie, “Deranged” by actress Nadia Buari premiered on Saturday, October 28 at the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall and West Hills Mall.

Of course, your hottest entertainment portal — EonlineGhana.Com was there to catch all the action in order to give you a firsthand report.

The movie had two showing times, 6.30pm and 8.30pm with tickets selling at GHc30.

Let me state however that this will NOT be a review of the movie since we haven’t seen it yet, we’re describing events that happened at the premier.

Publicity Before The Premier

A lot of bloggers and industry persons have complained about how Nadia Buari is very distant from the media. Her relationship with the media over the years is seen as a dull one with some bloggers describing the actress as boring.

I think this really affected the publicity of the movie because even though she did her best to promote the movie, we still think she could have done a lot better to create a huge buzz around the movie — especially online.

We weren’t impressed with the publicity before the premier because a movie that stars top actors like Ramsey Nouah, Pascaline Edwards, herself and Zynell Zuh could have easily generated a huge buzz online thus effecting patronage.

Nadia Buari and Zynell Zuh at the premier of Deranged movie
Nadia Buari and Zynell Zuh at the premier of Deranged movie

Celebrities who were present

We spotted a few well known faces at the event, notably Priscilla Opoku aka Ahuofe Patri, Nada Buari herself, Selassie Ibrahim and Zynnell Zuh.

Other stars like Ramsey Nouah and Pascaline Edwards who featured in the movie were a no show at the premier.

Media Coverage, Arrival and Fan Interaction

Some of the media houses we spotted at the premier were EBN, GHOne TV and Joy News. No “popular” blogger was however present at the premier. Nadia Buari arrived at the event at Accra Mall around 8pm and we’re guessing she had previously being to West Hills Mall since both premiers were happening concurrently. She had a couple of interviews with the media present — took like 3 photos with some fans and moved on into the cinema for the 2nd showing. There wasn’t much interaction with fans and the other stars who were even present hardly even took photos with people who came for the premiere. And there isn’t much or enough photos online after the premiere because again the media coverage and online buzz was poor.


Now, I know this is the reason why most of you are reading this piece. Was the premier successful?

The success of every movie premiere is based on the number of people buying or paying for the tickets. Now since we can’t tell how many people actually bought the tickets, we can’t really say for sure if it was a success. A lot of people attend these shows just to take pictures with the stars and leave — so a simple head counting of the crowd at the place will not be a good measure.

Again, here’s the tricky situation — it so happens that there was another show Comedy Fiesta happening at the same time as the premiere of Deranged Movie.

From what we saw, the crowd at the Silverbird Cinema at Accra Mall for both shows was not overwhelming and not really up to our expectations.

I mean we’ve seen premiers at the Silverbird where people had to stand outside for hours just to get inside the cinema.

I don’t want to say there was a low or huge turn out but it could have been better since this is Nadia’s major comeback movie after she gave birth in 2015, we were expecting much more buzz around it but honestly the place was just dull.


In all it was a good evening, and we could partly blame the bad weather on the night as a contributing factor to the poor attendance. Again, as we mentioned earlier the buzz around the movie wasn’t all that impressive and maybe next time they should also work on that.

Also, we haven’t seen the movie and we would love to get an invite to watch and review it as well.

Watch the trailer for Deranged below

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