WATCH: Angry Woman Rebukes Health Worker For Speaking Twi But Not Ewe In Hospital

An angry woman who visited the Sogakope Hospital in Volta Region sternly rebuked a health worker for speaking Twi to them.

According to the patient’s relative, she does not understand why her mother who does not speak the Twi language was being addressed by a worker who could not speak their native Ewe language in the Volta Region.

In the video, the woman could be heard in a heated argument with the health worker who insisted that she should never have addressed them in Ewe because they’re in Volta Region which was mainly dominated by the Ewes.

“If the person is in Ashanti Region the person speaks Twi. But we are in Volta Region and so you don’t speak Twi to a patient in the hospital. The person doesn’t speak Twi, this is so wrong. I am telling you, Twi is not a national language. This is so wrong,” she angrily said.

“I am not saying it’s a national language, are you telling me that all the people working here should be Ewe people?” the health worker questioned back.

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The woman who was still furious added that her mother could not speak either Twi or English so the Hospital should have paired the health worker with someone who could speak Ewe.

“No, what I am saying is that you should learn to speak the Ewe or they should pair you with an Ewe person. So if the person comes and you don’t speak Ewe and the person does not speak English, then the person speaks Ewe to the person. But you do not speak Twi to the person. Guys,” she replied.

“This is my mother here, she doesn’t speak no Twi, no English and she is being spoken Twi to in Sogakope Hospital. Ewes do something, Volta Region do something about this,” she furiously ranted.

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