Sarkodie released an impressive EP, Alpha, few days ago which has compelled me to eulogise him.

Folks, the Hiphop track was filled with thought-provoking lyrics delivered by Sarkodie in a forceful manner.

Indeed, Obidiponbidi proved that he has nearly perfected his craft, and thus competent to break through into the mainstream US music arena.

And I, with all objectivity in heart and soul, believe that Sarkodie is arguably the African rap god. Yes, I know sceptics will certainly be bound by my intellectual arguments to agree that Sarkodie is probably the god of African rap music.

However, let us try to figure out what Sarkodie’s earlier struggles during his humble beginning have been. The Rapperholic was very instrumental in effecting the Tema-led rap music revolution that transformed Ghana’s music fraternity.

Prior to his incredible rise to stardom, Sarkodie was nothing but the underdog in our music circles. He once revealed that, “I played many shows for many organisers and they always paid me with T-Shirts and toffees.

I still held on to the dream though at a point I nearly stopped rapping. I am not sure I would be here if I listened to people’s opinions.” Gosh, this guy actually had rare passion for rap music in the face of sickening hustles!

In fact, he took calculated risks, made real sacrifices and defied the odds in his budding career barely a decade ago. Eventually, his hard work and persistence really paid off in a grand way.

Now he is Africa’s leading, finest and biggest rapper on the world stage. Why? Sarkodie pursues excellence, discipline and hard work, and always measures his work with global standards; as Sangu Delle admonished.

Sarkodie Announces The Lovely Nana Aba Anamoah As PRO For The SarkNation
Sarkodie Announces The Lovely Nana Aba Anamoah As PRO For The SarkNation

The BET Award winner has also proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a true champion in his field of work. Okay, who is a champion?

Donald J. Trump wrote in ‘Think Like a Champion’ that, “One definition of a champion is someone who shows marked superiority,” emphasising that, “Ordinary wouldn’t be enough for someone who has the mindset of a champion. Champions think big.

Champions work in a big-time way. Champions are focused. Champions are disciplined.” No wonder he has won tens of prestigious awards in just five years, which no other African rapper can boast of.

Moreover, South Africa’s AKA and Nigeria’s MI are all legendary African rappers deemed to be among the best. Yet Sarkodie is the god, not necessarily and more than the best. I mean, he is the supreme one in African rap music due to his extraordinaire style, unparalleled versatility and priceless lyricism; making him arguably the greatest African rapper ever.

I therefore foresee that Sarkodie will get a nomination at the Grammy Awards one day, and possibly win it.

And I shall rally support for his music career so that this seemingly unbelievable dream becomes a reality. For he knows that, “Whatever that you want to achieve in life, picture yourself as having achieved it and have faith in it that you have achieved it within the time frame you have set for yourself” (Asubonteng, 2006).

Hey, King Sark all the way. Wad else? Huuuh!

– by Sir Article.