“Yebe Wu Nti” Hitmaker, Dada Hafco Reveals His Financial Struggles

“Yebe wu nti” hitmaker, Dada Hafco has subtly revealed that he has nothing to boast of despite being actively involved in music for 13 years.

This conclusion isn’t a hasty one because during an interview blogger Zion Felix, Dada Hafco struggled to point out what he has been able to acquire with the revenues he has earned from music.

When pressed further by Zion Felix, the ‘Yebe Wu Nti’ composer painstakingly said that he cannot boast of having a house or a car despite doing music for 13 solid years.

Despite his apparent difficulties in breaking through the music industry, Dada Hafco was adamant about changing his style of music.

Dada Hafco remained optimistic and maintained that the best is yet to come.

Watch the interview below:

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