“Ayigbe” Edem’s Set To Bring Ghana To A Standstill And Here’s Why

“Ayigbe” Edem, the “Terminator” of Ghanaian Music is set to get the entire nation up on it’s feet on Friday, the 5th of April, 2019. Of course, with his dark spectacles, blunt attitude and funny side, it’s not far stretched to view Edem as a revolutionary in our Music Scope. At least, he has set the pace and other musicians will definately be encouraged to exhibit their culture wherever they find themselves.

Now, onto the real news: Edem has stunned Ghanaians with his satiric song titled Politics. Edem diffuses tension by “bringing together” the NPP and NDC whiles making reference to Dr. Bawumia’s widely publicised “if the fundamentals are weak statement”.