Blakk Rasta Drops Bombshell- Says Paracetamol Is Deadlier Than Marijuana

Blakk Rasta Drops Bombshell – Says Paracetamol Is Deadlier Than Marijuana

The ever controversial Blakk Rasta

The Obama hit maker, Blakk Rasta has not gone back on his words for the legalization of marijuana in Ghana, claiming that a legalized medicine such as paracetamol is more dangerous than marijuana.

He wondered why dangerous chemicals and medicines are legalized and sold in the open market yet marijuana, which he deems to have many healing properties is still considered illegal in Ghana.

“We have legalized dangerous chemicals which are on the market. Paracetamol is more dangerous than marijuana… you know the number of people who die from the usage of paracetamol?”, he wondered.

Speaking on Entertainment Review on Takoradi-based Connect FM, Blakk Rasta said “we can use it for oils that can be sold out there. In fact, marijuana oil is one of the most healing, when it comes to therapy”, he opined.

He expressed his concerns about Ghanaians capitalizing on one unfortunate use of marijuana thus smoking, to render the numerous other benefits of marijuana as null and void.
To him, Ghana loses millions of dollars every second that passes by without its legalization. He advised that Ghana takes advantage of the benefits which will stem from legalizing marijuana.

He encouraged the government to pilot the cultivation of marijuana with state farms which he said should be sold under the direct control and supervision of government and based on the outcome, give out licenses to private farmers to cultivate it.