On Wednesday, the president, Nana Akuffo- Addo revealed that Ghana has budgeted hundred million dollars to tackle the global epidemic, corona virus.

Then on Thursday, the news dropped like a bombshell! The Ministry of Health reported that Ghana had been faced with 2 cases of the corona virus – with one of the patients from Norway and the other, flying in from Turkey. So the nationalities of the patients weren’t made clear.

Coincidence? People began to fume and started postulating theories to suggest that it was a plot by government to lay their icy hands on the hundred million dollars.

Reacting to those conspiracy theories was the information minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and he said:

If you don’t believe we have two people with the disease, come, we shall take you to where they have been quarantined for you to hug them and see if you will survive,” the Minister told Accra-based Onua FM.

“We should not joke with this in Ghana. If you don’t believe, come and we shall take you to the quarantined people. If we politicize this, it will not save anyone.”

Source: EonlineGH.com