“How can you even think of wasting $200million on a new parliamentary chamber when there are a lot of basic problems yet to be solved” – these were the genuine thoughts of Ghanaians who were livid with Parliament’s decision to build a new chamber.

The justifications for building the chamber were even more frustrating, if not annoying – to prevent my blood pressure from going up, I wouldn’t like to recap those justifications.

But at the end, the public outcry paid off…….Parliament had no choice but to #dropthechamber.

John Dumelo has expressed his gladness in parliament’s decision to drop the chamber. He also congratulated the numerous Ghanaians whose voices have ensured that at least, for now, the chamber has been dropped.

But we must be on our guard………..this chamber hasn’t died a natural death, it will surely resurface!

Source: EonlineGH.com