Celebrity Publicist and CEO of Entamoty Entertainment Blog, Amoaning Samuel Porpularly Known in Main Stream as Barimah Entamoty, has Stated Categorically Without Mincing Words That Most Ghanaian Celebrities are Having a Great sack time.

Barimah appeared on one of the most trending youth shows ‘Mmabun Ahyia’ on light TV to educate the youth on Social Media and Blogging in Ghana. Whiles touching on the use of social media for branding, the Entertainment Blogger lambasted most of our celebrities for being sluggish. Here is what he had to say on Wednesday 20th July on the pre-recorded interview on light TV;

“on a more serious note, most of our celebrities are really sleeping, granted; few have seen the light but the majority are wey asleep. Social media is one of the major tools that celebrities can use for genuine branding. I was not surprise when I realized that most of them don’t even have verified social media accounts on the various platforms”

Barimah added that few of our Ghanaian celebs have publicist and social media managers.

“How much are you going to pay a publicist to manage your accounts to make you relevant in the industry, is high time our so called celebrities understood that social media has become intergral part of our society.” He stated.

Barimah Entamoty passionately encouraged young entrepreneurs to capitalize on the opportunities that comes with the use of social media. He admonished the youth to refrain from impersonation of public figures account on the various social media platforms, and further urged celebrities to verify their social media accounts to prevent impersonation and other cyber crimes.

By Ivy Agbozo