GUEST POST: Can You Trust Teeth Whitening Strips For Your Dental Care

Whitening the teeth has become much easier and cheaper these days. The excessive intake of tea, coffee, wine and other such products leaves a color on the teeth. This is the reason people try and take every possible measure to make their smiles whiter and brighter. But in this process, people take many such measures which might not be healthy for their teeth and health, like not following the doctor’s advice and using whitening products on your own.

One such product is the teeth whitening strips that are perceived as the most effective, low cost and easy to use tool. But it is only after using such products that people come to know of its damages.

Knowing more about teeth whitening strips

The teeth whitening strips are formed of a of a plastic substance. This flexible plastic is covered with a thin layer of whitening gel, commonly containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

The process of application of these strips on the teeth involves pressing it against the surface and is held in a place. The gel is then allowed to penetrate in the tooth and this is the reason your teeth begins to show lighten color. One needs to apply such strips everyday over a time span of two to three weeks.

But in this process, there are several significant problems which may be visible only after a certain period of time. Here is a list issues that you should know if you are the one using striips without consulting a dental clinic for the same.

1. Uneven whitening

Our teeth are three dimensional but the strips have only two dimensional surface. No matter how carefully a person places the strip, it cannot evenly cover the teeth. There will be possible places when the strip is not covering the tooth or is not in contact with the same. Thus, what you will get is an uneven color on your teeth leaving certain spaces, especially the edges to be yellow and very noticeable. A dental doctor will surely be more attentive to all the dimensions instead of treating the color unevenly.

  1. Gum issues

The teeth whitening strips uses bleaching agent which are harsh chemicals and these can be very harmful for the soft tissues of the gum. The gums and whitening agents should not come in contact to each other but ensuring this becomes a little difficult with teeth whitening strips. One can consider using scissors to cut the strip so that it matches your smile. But this process of covering the teeth yet keeping gums away from the gel is a difficult one. Only a dental doctor can be sensitive to the exact needs of your teeth. The treatment prescribed by him/her will be based on observations and check up which makes it more reliable.

  1. Tooth sensitivity and other damages

Overusing the strips can even result in sensitive teeth and many such permanent problems in the teeth. Excessive application of the whitening strips can remove the enamel layer resulting in pain and risks of decay or even a loss of tooth. You need to be sure that your teeth are strong enough to use teeth whitening strips. Not following this can result in lifelong problems for your teeth.

Although, whitening strips have been able to improve the color of the teeth but the chances of damages have been quite high. The best practice will be to consult a dental doctor before involving yourself with any such product. A professional treatment can provide long term and effective results at lower/ minimal risks. Choose wise and live with a better smile.

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