5 things you can learn from the internet.

The internet has been one great innovation mankind could thank for existing.

The youth of today are failing to see the educative side of the internet,the educative side which have the tendency to give job skills ,employment opportunities etc.

Here is a list of 5 things you can learn from the internet.

5. Self Defense.defense

In our world where making enemies is more than the steps we take in a minute ,you cant live longer without a move or skill in self defense, you can learn on your own with the help of videos and articles on the internet.

Although you may not actually employ the techniques you acquire,but it’s pretty cool to walk around with confidence of being able to make some moves in a fight.

4. Linguistics.linguist

As the world is closing in on becoming a global village , it is good to be a bi or multi-lingual person.

Using various language apps and youtube tutorials can perfect you within a year. Just don’t seize the oppportunity.

3. Cook like a Master chef.chef

With so many recipe sites and”how to cook videos” online, you can become a pro in your cullinary skill set.

All you have to do is read ,listen watch and practice using the internet.

2. Make jewelry.jewel

Making jewelry is not much of a big deal but since we don’t have the time to look into that field, we see it as something difficult .

Thanks to the internet you can learn from. D.I.Y videos which start from the basics to the highest skill level. You can learn to make rings ,earrings,tiaras,necklaces and bracelets.

Just like how it takes time for you to get to college ,so does it take to be a pro.

1. Make-up artistry.mua

The internet is swarming with many make-up tutorials, but we are just wasting the opportunity to social media .

Why spend hours chatting a friend you are bound to meet if you can learn something that can grant you an employment opportunity.

Make-up tutorials on the internet also start from basic to professional levels, you just have to treat it like social media and practice.