Hype Over Talent: 8 Ghanaian Musicians Who Are Over Hyped

Since the inception of Hip Life, Ghana has seen many great talents and good rappers.

These great rappers were those you always want to hear what they have to offer next the moment you hear their music for the first time.

But we also have those that are over hyped by Ghanaians and not because they are that good. Their music gained popularity through some few fans or on social media probably because they had good sound engineers who are able to give their songs that magic touch.

Also it could be their sense of fashion is on point or they are handsome and ladies love them and we all know what happens when women praise you, they raise the bar…(Agogo comes to mind). But a critical look at their style and music and you can clearly see they don’t deserve that kind of popularity because their song don’t really cut though they made hits but we feel they are just over hyped by media, the reason why they are on top.

So who exactly are these artists we are talking about? Let’s take a look…

1. Pappy Kojo


Well! we know most of you might hate us on this and that clearly explains what we mean by over hyped. We will agree Pappy Kojo got style and a good fashion sense but when it comes to music, he doesn’t really make any sensible song, most of his hits are because he’s over hyped and clearly he’s also a ladies man. He’s a good artist but that doesn’t mean he’s that great compared to the hype he gets.