For some days, Nana Ama McBrown put herself at the centre of attraction when she posted a wild video of herself kissing and licking her baby in an unseen display of affection.

The video received a backlash from some section of Ghanaians who felt that she was “rubbing her new baby into people’s eyes” and wasn’t considering those who haven’t been able to conceive.

Somehow, the video also found it’s way to Fox 5 News, a media company based in the United States of America. The panelists on that show branded McBrown’s behaviour as disgusting.

And to some, these panelists ought to have left her alone since worse things go on in their country – the U. S. A.

It was obvious that McBrown didn’t want to respond to the opinions of others on how she treated her own baby but alas, she has.

And her verdict? Simple….. It’s my baby and I did what made me happy.

Watch the video below:

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