He used to star regularly in Kumawood Movies and is known for efficiently playing his role in the popular movie, “Kumasi Yonkuor”.

He’s none other than Kwaku Twumasi. But for quite some time, he’s not been seen in any movies. Little did we know that he was down with stroke.

The irony of this world is that it is your ‘worst’ times which produces your ‘best’ friends. And when those terrible times arise, one may be lucky to find out if truly, he had a friend.

Detailing how a young and vibrant Twumasi was hit with stroke, he revealed that on a certain fateful day, he woke up to the realization of his hand being heavy. Confused, he looked into the mirror only to realize that his mouth had shifted from its original position – and that was how stroke caught up with him.

He added that few people came around when they heard of his ailment but the number kept on dwindling as the days went by.

Watch his narration below:

Source: EonlineGH.com