Shatta Wale’s definitely one of a kind. The kind of person who’s quite an enigma……. It’s extremely difficult to determine what’s gonna piss him off as well as predict what he’s gonna do.

Well, I guess we have all become used to “expecting the unexpected” from him.

But this time…..Well! A seemingly harmless message from Posigee which sought to highlight Sarkodie’s newest stride in the music industry has got the Dancehall King furious.

Posigee announced that Sarkodie is set to release a song with an artiste who’s bigger than Jay Z……Ideally, that’s something we are supposed to celebrate, right?

However, the unpredictable Shatta Wale found that piece of information as annoying and literally insulted Sarkodie and his followers, Sarknation – labelling them FOOLS!

Well, for one who has been calling for unity on our musical front, his latest reaction to a relatively good news about his colleague musician is quite worrying.

Is Shatta Wale his own enemy? Or he’s realised that by doing this, he’s going to trend?