My Day At Busua

I sit and think
I think of things that do exist
Things that exist in nothingness
I think of how the sun shines softly
Yet delivers untiring strokes of rays
that pierce the supple skin
Haha??, not my my skin though
But that of those beautiful babes in bikini pants?? and braless tops besides the pool
I sit and think
I think alone of the coyly fact that I came without a bae to the beach
With the notion of blowing some steam off the stressful academic demands of UMAT
I think of the reason why I am bored
Bored in the midst of people swimming,dancing,eating and others taking a walk with their dates along the shores
I sit and think
I think of how the palm fronds dance unwillingly to the tune that the wind plays
Left,right,up,down and to the left again
I think of how beautiful the sea spans to the unending East from the far West
Carrying a beast of a ship at her back
I sit and think
I think of any laudable reason why i feel like a stranger Amongst friends of my friends
Weird right? hahaha??
I think of a reason after another Why young fellas of today find divine solace in bottles of beers n whiskies
Whilst they shun the company of ladies with irresistible body curves n gigantic rounded balloons dancing alone in the summer hut bar
I sit and think
Not of things i know
But of things i cant mightily fathom
Like how the sun sets
How the mighty sea flatters her tides against the sands on shore
How the small island stands shyly in the heart of the waters
How the wonderful creatures
glide in the partly dimmed sky
I sit and think
Now i smile
I tap my foot and nod my head
To my favourite song from kofi kinaata
I smile at how awkward the foreign students dance to our local songs with glee
I stare and smile
i smile in awe how niggers ever endeavour to impress their ladies with dishes ???worth ghc 75 when they cant even pronounce the name of the dish
Funny ryt? hahaha??
I stop and smile
How romantic of a boyfriend to build a magnificent sand castle for his girlfriend
I smile and stare
at the comely faces of my friends and foes alike
As if I could comprehend how their souls work
Now I smile
I smile at the irony
of what i could perfectly see from afar
When others cant see,even when they are closer

I laugh out loud
Oops!,looking left and right to see if ive made a fool out of my self
People aint watching me,thank God
Why do I even think myself wise
When I could join the men who break bottles
Or the guys who wine their waist to Joey B’s Tonga song
Yet,yet i find solitude at the reception as Messi n Barca trail by a lone goal to Real Sociedad
Psychologists havnt been able to explain that feeling u have when your opponents fail to succeed
So i put down these words
These random thoughts
From my not-so chaste mind
With a hope that someone would make sense out of my senseless piece i call a poem
Of the things i expected
And of those i didn’t expect to see at Busua Beach
I sit and think
I smile and stare
Oops!! low battery
Bus is leaving
Busua was a fun nonetheless
We shall meet again when snow falls in Umat
When J.C. Attachie finally decides to stop giving quizes
When Umat parties changes from a gay one
When we get another body of visionary student leaders
When i finally become the president of Canada
We shall finally meet again when i wake up from my dream

Nana Sampson