Noble Nketia is an opportunist and womanizer – Radio presenter alleges

A soundbite in which a popular radio presenter in the United Kingdom, Obudo, is making serious allegations against gospel musician Nobel Nketsia is making rounds on the internet.

Obudo, who reportedly works with Big Radio Ghana in the UK, has said in plain terms that Nobel Nketia is promiscuous. He added that the ‘Awawasem’ hit maker is an opportunist and womanizer.

The soundbite was contained in a report by Modern Ghana. According to him, Noble Nketiah is one of the top gospel musicians in Ghana who are playing smart on rich women. Obudo alleged further that Noble Nketiah is no different from Oware Junior, Brother Sammy, and Ernest Opoku,whose modus operandi is to get closer to rich women to squeeze fortunes out of them, while under the guide of gospel musicians.

The radio presenter further accused Noble Nketiah of neglecting his wife whom he married in France. According to him, that marriage has produced a twelve-year-old son, but Noble, for a long time, has since not returned to visit his wife and grown-up son.

He revealed that he was personally invited to the wedding Noble held in France which produced his son, therefore, he is a witness and knows what he is saying. “Noble got married to this lady who happens to be a rich Pastor’s daughter, he has since never come back to visit them because he got what he wanted,” Presenter Obudo alleged.

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