Onyinyechi, a 10-year old house maid was brutally beaten by her madam who caught her taking a peep into their bedroom.

The incident happened at Adekoroye Street in Ejigbo area of Lagos where the couple stay with their children and the maid.

In her defense, the maid claimed that the crying of her madam, Mrs. Esther whenever she retired to her matrimonial bed with her hubby usually woke her up at night and she wanted to find out what was happening.

Onyinyechi said she thought that they used to fight and so wanted to gain access into the room so as to separate them but the door was always locked from the inside.

The couple were very surprised when the wife caught Onyinyechi standing in front of the link door between their 2 bedroom apartment at about 1am.

According to Mrs. Esther, she opened the door to check the condition of their childred who had gone to sleep with Onyinyechi. She said she was surprised when she found Onyinyechi standing in front of the door at that hour. She suspected Onyinyechi, issued some threats to her and then she cave in and confessed.

The couple never knew that little Onyinyechi had not been sleeping because of their bedroom activities.

They got to know when the wife caught her and insisted that she wanted to know why Onyinyechi was still awake at that hour of the night.

It was then that Onyinyechi opened up and said that since she came to the house, whenever they were fighting, she always peeped through the keyhole to find out what was going on.

Mrs. Esther then gave her some serious beating but her husband stepped in to prevent her from going to the extreme.

Credit: naijaloaded.com