Dr. Kwesi Opoku Debrah Endorses N.P.P – Embarks on Youth For Change Campaign

A pan African innovative leader and internationally recognized food and agricultural consultant, Dr. Kwesi Opoku Debrah, has made known his total endorsement to the New Patriotic Party’s Presidential hopeful, Nana Akuffo Addo and his indefatigable team, in their bid for a massive unexampled victory in the 2016 elections.
The unveiling of corporate supporters is always a symbolically important plus factor for presidential candidates, however, this energetic visionary leader is not just making mere verbal declaration for his explicit approval to the N.P.P, but rather embarking on an intense campaign tour to second his motion. According to Dr. Kwesi AOpoku Debrah, the incorruptible nature of Nana Akuffo Addo and the corroborating positive policies of the New Patriotic Party are some of the few reasons for his support to the N.P.P. He believes the policies of the N.P.P is aligned with his intentions of creating jobs for the youth and also liaising with foreign investors to penetrate into the country. He is convinced that the current economic grimness of hardship in Ghana is largely due to the incompetent Mahama led administration. In an interview with Radio Universe, here was what Dr. Debrah had to say;

‘The policies of the New Patriotic Party are very feasible especially with job creation, we are blessed with resources in this country exclusively to every Region should we properly capitalize on such resources, what will hinder from building a factory per District. It’s not necessarily building of huge factories but also equipping the youth with skills. i have been with the youth on many of my nationally assigned projects and i have realized that the youth are very determined about entrepreneurship, but they lack the right environment to thrive due to the government in power’

Dr. Debrah indicated.

In the weeks to unfold before December 7, Dr. Debrah and his campaign team will target the youth and persons in the rural areas to encourage them to rally behind the N.P.P for victory. He will as well as explain to the youth his motive of enforcing youth entrepreneurship and job creation.

Dr. Kwesi Opoku Debrah is a Food, Agriculture and Development Consultant of innovative and energetic leadership skills with over 25 years of experience driving Multi-Sector Development Programs in developing countries, including Ghana.
He has a deep experience in leading cooperative extension programs including multilevel,
cross-functional initiatives. Adept at strategic planning and execution of Program Evaluation Consulting Contracts.He is a Key player in numerous
large scale agricultural development programs around the globe, a PhD holder of Cornel University U.S.A and has worked with global organisations like U.S.A.I.D, Word Vision, Cornell and Brandeis Universities, World Bank etc.

By Barimah Amoaning Samuel

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