I sometimes wonder how some people are so gullible to mobile money fraudsters.

Don Little EonlineGH
Don Little EonlineGH

I mean these confidence tricksters sometimes make ridiculous claims which are always glaring, and we’ve heard stories about how they operate a million times yet some people still fall for this cheap trick.

Well according to Kumawood’s diminutive actor, Bob Little, he was recently duped of a sum of GHC1500.

Speaking on the ‘Uncut’ show, Don Little told Zionfelix that currently, his only means of survival is gari soakings after an unnamed person duped him of his money.

He revealed that four days ago, he had a call from an unknown person claiming that he had mistakenly made a transaction to his number. The person added that the money was meant to pay hospital bills of a relative.

Don Little with literally his little knowledge also reversed the amount to this person only to realize later that he was duped.

Watch the video of actor Don Little share this sad story below:

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