The Top 10 Richest Soccer Players In The World

The rest of the world knows it as football, but along with spreading our freedom, we shall spread our lingo worldwide. Professional athletes are paid a pretty handsome wage for playing games. It’s an awesome way to make a living, especially since a lot of us average people do it for free at the local rec center.

You may be wondering, of the top soccer players in the world, who is making the most money? Here is a convenient list of the 10 Richest Soccer Players in 2014. FLIP TO THE NEXT PAGES FOR MORE!

#10 – Fernando Torres ($21.3 Million)

Fernando-TorresFernando Torres is currently on loan from Chelsea FC to AC Milan. If you are new to soccer, that means that he has to return to Chelsea once his contract is up in Milan, unlike a typical trade in… any other sport. The superstar footballer has been with his current wife Olalla Dominguez since he was a budding star with his U15 club in Spain (she certainly picked the winning horse in that race!).In his spare time, Torres has appeared in a Spanish pop music video for an El Canto del Loco Song. For those that don’t speak Spanish, that means “The Singing Madmen.” They are basically the Spanish version of Nickelback.